Hudson Shakespeare Company works with many educational institutions to create and tailor Shakespeare based workshops geared toward their students needs and curriculum. Workshops can vary from 45 minute session up to full day sessions. Some of schools that we have worked with are:
College Misericordia, Dallas, PA
Scarsdale Middle School, Scarsdsale, NY
West Morris Central High School, Chester NJ
Solomon-Schechter Middle and High School, West Orange, NJ
Fort Lee High School, Fort Lee, NJ
St. Mary's High School, Jersey City, NJ

Below are some basic programs available for interested organizations.

Workshops individually are $500. Discounted rates are available for classes ordered in bulk (ex. 3 workshops - $1200). Any play being studied can be applied to these programs and the length can be adjusted to your needs.

Shakespeare 101 (Beginner) This class covers the basics to ‘speak the speech’ in breaking down Shakespearean verse and prose and giving it life on stage. Students are taken through line examinations, acting exercises stressing character building and line delivery and then are broken up into various groups to present 2-4 person scenes which are presented and critiqued by the group. Plays often covered: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Comedy of Errors”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet”.

Shakespeare 101 (Advanced) - Advanced classes build upon the beginner curriculum with exercises in improvisation and rhetoric and then examines monologues and sonnets, breaking down of large group scenes. All of which are then presented and critiqued within the group.

Swordplay on Stage - The class covers a breakdown of the fundamentals of stage swordplay and “selling it” in performance.  A background in sword history and types of swords is given along with demonstration on the types of moves needed for each type of weapon. Students are drilled as a group with the medieval broadsword, the most common type of stage weapon. Students are then broken up into pairs or groups of 4 in which they are choreographed into fight scenes. Students finally incorporate some basic dialogue with their scenes to complete their “story”.
Note: This program can also be broken down into advanced sword play where students drilled in other types of weapons and incorporate those weapons into longer scenes. Weapon types available: Roman short sword and shield, Rapier and Dagger, Fencing Foils, quarter staff. Axe, sword and shield. 12 students max for any advanced class.

Unarmed Stage Combat - This program teaches students the basics of “selling” punches, kicks, falls, slaps, and a full range of hand to hand stage combat. Students are drilled as a group and then broken up into groups of 2-4 students to prepare their new skills into scenes.

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