By Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Jon Ciccarelli
Kicking off the 2006 season, the company took a break from the bard and tackled a modern classic - A Few Good Men. Aside from being a riveting courtroom drama, murder mystery and wry comedy, this coldwar era story resonates more today in the early 21st century then it did when it was first performed in 1986.  The play asks should personal freedom be sacrificed for greater security and what price does the Constitution pay to guard against an uncertain and dangerous world. Both points of view play out with equal validity through the characters of Lt. Col Nathan Jessup resolutely guarding his post against that dangerous world and Lt. Daniel Kaffee, promoting the personal freedoms and ideals which define the country. All photos taken at Hoboken Municiple Courtroom.

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Performance Locations

Hoboken Municipal Courtroom, Hoboken, NJ
Friday March 24 8PM
Saturday March 25 8PM

St. Mary's Catholic high School. Jersey City, NJ
Thursday March 30 9:30Am
Saturday April 1 8PM

Kenilworth Municipal Courtroom, Kenilworth, NJ
Friday March 31 8PM

The Medicine Show Theater, New York, NY
Wednesday, April 5 8PM
Thursday, April 6 8PM


LANCE CORPORAL DAWSON             Andre Stamford
PFC. LOUDEN DOWNEY      Patrick Fellows
LT. DANIEL KAFFEE        Jon Crefeld
LT. SAM WEINBERG         Brant Cunningham
CAPT. ISSAC WHITAKER      Jon Ciccarelli
LT. CMDR. JOANNE GALLOWAY         Kerry Fitzgibbons
CORPORAL HOWARD                Steven M. Bari
LT.. COL NATHAN JESSUP   Charles J. Roby
LT. KENDRICK             Billy Weimer
PFC. SANTIAGO         Jorge Enrique Rivas
MP                        Jon Ciccarelli
LT. JACK ROSS            David Sewell
CORPORAL DUNN                David Sewell
CORPORAL THOMAS      Jon Ciccarelli
JUDGE RANDOLPH         Kyle Baxter
CMDR. WALTER STONE      Jorge Enrique Rivas
ORDERLY                Jon Ciccarelli


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Lance Corporal Harold Dawson (Andre Stamford) and Pfc. Louden Downey (Patrick Fellows), accused of murdering a fellow marine, Pfc. William Santiago stand firm to their sense of UNIT, CORPS, GOD and COUNTRY regardless of where it may lead.
In the office of Lt. Col. Jessup (Charles J. Roby), Capt. Markinson (Kyle Baxter) argues with his subordinate, Lt. Kendrick (Billy Weimer) over the fate and duty of two young marines and whether to divulge that the order which led to the death of Pfc. Santiano came from Jessup.
Lt. Commander Joanne Galloway (Kerry Fitzgibbons), the one who can't let the case go interviews the pfc. Downey. Hoboken Municiple Courtroom, Hoboken, NJ.

To see more production pictures click here
Commander Galloway (Kerry Fitzgibbons) takes the case of Dawson and Downey as a personal crusade as she hounds the junior Judge Advocate General officer Lt. Dan Kaffee (Jon Crefeld) who has been assigned the case.
Capt. Matthew Markinson (Kyle Baxter), the man with the key information on what happend to Private Santiago, on the run from the Naval Intelligence, the FBI and other government agencies dresses in his miltary best, writes a note of apology to the parents of Willie Santiago and then takes his own life.
Dan Kaffee (Jon Crefeld), Sam Weinberg (Brant Cunningham) and Joanne (Kerry Fitzgibbons) mull over the strategy before facing Lt. Col Jessup on the stand until they receive a piece of vital evidence from a dead man.
An unrepetant Lt. Col Jessup (Charles J. Roby) starts to storm out of the courtroom as Kaffee (Jon Crefeld) seeks to cross examine him with the evidence provided by Capt. Markinson.
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